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ampersand research market research nottingham qualitative & quantitative
ampersand research market research nottingham qualitative & quantitative

Animation: Introduction to ampersand research

When Sarah and I created ampersand research in 2014, we decided that our aim would be to “provide considered research delivered with a fantastic customer experience”.

With our aim in place we spent a considerable amount of time outlining what the values of the company would be in order to achieve this. This may seem like an obvious start to any business but in our combined 40+ years of experience in the industry we know that this vital foundation can often get overlooked. We wanted our values to be the essence of the company’s identity – the principles, beliefs and philosophy of company.

Our values are the heart of ampersand research – we turn to them when we need to make decisions, and run all aspects of the company past them, from quoting for new projects to deciding how we should impart the insights we have discovered.

When creating our values we wanted to ensure that they were specific in what they meant for the service we offer our clients and also for everyone working at and with ampersand research.

We are very proud of our values and wanted to find a new way to demonstrate them, so we commissioned a series of animations. Here is the first one, with an introduction to our values. Throughout the series we will demonstrate what each of them means to clients and everyone at ampersand research.

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