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ampersand research market research nottingham qualitative & quantitative
ampersand research market research nottingham qualitative & quantitative

"We can be heroes..."

Qualitative Research heroes AQR

In 1980 the Association for Qualitative Research (AQR) was founded to represent the interests of those involved in the qualitative research industry.This year it celebrates its 40th birthday – hip hip hooray to the AQR!! I am raising a glass of something cold and bubbly to mark this milestone – congratulations to all the team, board members and of course the lovely Rose Molloy!

As part of their celebrations the AQR gave members the opportunity to give a shout out to their qualitative heroes. As quick as you can sing the opening line of “We can be heroes...” by David Bowie I had my nomination: Lieutenant Columbo! From interviewing, to analysing, to writing a presentation and delivering the results, the charismatic detective has inspired my approach to qualitative research for a long time!

We wrote a blog about how he inspired me which you can read here

Then I thought it might be an idea to nominate someone who I had actually worked with, and as quick as you can sing the rest of the above lyric “...just for one day”, I had my “serious” nomination. So, to Mark Lasbury, my awesome business partner and amazing friend, I salute you!

Thank you for your tireless support, continuous challenge and endless inspiration over the past two decades. Your impeccable project management and behind the scenes organisation ensures every project runs smoothly, allow me space to fully immerse myself in the research bubble and enabling our insights to shine. Every qualitative researcher needs a hero like you!

Qualitative Market Research heroes Mark Lasbury

If you would like to know more about how research can help your business or are just interested to know more about Mark’s hero strengths please feel free to drop us an email: or give us a call: 0115 9932343

Association of Qualitative Research (AQR):


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