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ampersand research market research nottingham qualitative & quantitative
ampersand research market research nottingham qualitative & quantitative

Mark Lasbury - Director

My findings from observing Mark Lasbury over the past 15 years by Sarah Jones


& organisational skills to die for!

No desk top jammed full of shortcuts, no folders full of unidentifiable documents and definitely no one email inbox that fits all. Mark’s system of organising his PC is like the British Library – everything in its right place (as Radiohead once said).


& customer service king!

From answering emails at 2 o’clock in the morning to responding to queries at the bottom of a field (only place he could get reception in France when on holiday) Mark’s efforts to ensure clients requirements are met in a timely manner are commendable.


& knowledge master!

From brainstorming qualitative research briefs to chatting about the merits of a 5 vs 7 point rating scale you will always be guaranteed an informed and knowledgeable discussion with Mark.


In addition, Mark is one of the most generous people you could possibly hope to meet. Despite a love of alternative and dreamy (I would say dreary) music, his feet are firmly cemented on the ground and for me he is the bedrock of ampersand research.

Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research Nottingham
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"I have worked with Mark for over 6 years.  He is a serious and senior partner who takes care that the work is completed successfully. He is always pro-active, responsive and has a great sense of humour."


Senior Research Manager - Leading research institute, Germany

Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research Nottingham
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"I've worked with Sarah on a number of projects and love the way her mind works; yes of course what she doesn't know about research isn't worth knowing, but more importantly she gets objectives and can work as a true insight partner.


When I get proposals and guides through from Sarah they provoke thought and debate and challenge my way of thinking rather than a regurgitation of my brief."


Senior Customer Insights Manager

Sarah Jones - Director

My findings from observing Sarah Jones over the past 15 years by Mark Lasbury


& visible enthusiasm for research!

When a new research brief lands the taps are turned fully on and a flood of ideas surge from her.  Whatever the product or service she’ll dive in, investigate it, live with it, eat it, read about and around it, until she can suggest the best way to, not only answer the client’s questions, but also how they can best act upon those answers.

Despite this whirlpool of activity (you can tell when Sarah’s on one as her hair goes wild), she always pulls it back to focus on how to address the research objectives.


& thirsty for knowledge!

A regular at seminars and lectures, scouring industry and academic papers and websites, Sarah is always expanding her knowledge to incorporate the learnings in to her work with clients.  Whether it be new ways to present information, the latest tech devices or research techniques, Sarah’s thirst is unquenchable.


& thorough!

Looking and listening back over what respondents have said in focus groups and in-depth interviews, and poring over data, is one of the things that sets Sarah apart from many researchers.  A strong believer that to understand motivations and responses and provide the clear direction clients are looking for you have to revisit every session to extract the best insights and comments to turn them in to clear and actionable result.


Sarah is one of the most inspirational people I know. Her enthusiasm for research and life is infectious, from her cheery email greetings to her unbridled passion to be creative and at the same time provide business solutions to her clients.

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